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How Can You Help?

MMRC volunteers can have an immense impact on the health and safety of Mobile County. During disasters, the MMRC matches personnel resources with public health needs to ensure an efficient response and recovery. In non-crisis time, MMRC volunteers contribute to a variety of community outreach and education projects.

MMRC volunteers play a vital part in promoting healthy living throughout the year and in preparing for and responding to emergencies.

Who Can Volunteer?
MMRC values all volunteers, even if you have no specific qualifications other than the willingness to help.

The terms "medical" and "reserve" indicate that trained personnel are available to respond to emergencies requiring support to the community’s health and medical resources. "Corps" refers to an organized body of individuals with a similar function. The "medical" in Medical Reserve Corps does not limit MRC units to medical professionals. Individuals without medical training fill essential supporting roles.

  • Medical or public health professional such as:

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, respiratory therapist, medical technologists, physical therapist, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, mental health professionals, EMTs, and epidemiologists - promote and uphold the health of the community.

  • Community Members:

Interpreters, chaplains, transportation, office workers, legal advisors, and others—support administrative and supply operations, patient care, logistics, communications and miscellaneous activities.

What Can MMRC Volunteers Do?
Credentialed and trained medical and public health volunteers are utilized to support local public health during emergency response (natural and man-made disasters) and throughout the year to improve the health and resiliency of Mobile County. Examples of MMRC volunteer's activities include:
  • Support local public health
  • Staff medical and special needs shelters
  • Assist local hospitals with surge personnel needs
  • Participate in mass prophylaxis and vaccination exercises and community drills
  • Train with local emergency response partners
  • Advance the priorities of the U.S Surgeon General by:
    • Promote disease prevention
    • Improve health literacy
    • Eliminate health disparities
    • Enhance public health preparedness

Can I Volunteer In More Than One Group?
Participating in other volunteer health professional/emergency preparedness affiliations will not be a conflict of interest. Volunteers decide what organizations they are willing to devote their time and efforts for a particular event. When applying for MMRC through the ESAR-VHP, volunteers will have an opportunity to identify other affiliated groups. This information will be documented and used when deploying members for response.


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