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Mobile Medical Reserve Corps

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Equal Opportunity/Harassment-Free Environment Policy
The Mobile County Health Department (MCHD) and Mobile Medical Reserve Corps (MMRC) are committed to providing a harassment/discrimination free work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment. It is the policy of the MCHD and MMRC that harassment based on race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status or any other basis is strictly prohibited.

Any harassment, whether verbal or physical, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It is the intent that all MMRC volunteers will work in an environment free from discrimination and/or harassment by any individual for any reason. Discriminatory conduct in any form undermines morale and interferes with productivity.

If a volunteer believes that he/she may have been the subject of discrimination or harassment, he/she should report it immediately to the MRC Coordinator. Any reports of discrimination or harassment will be examined impartially and resolved promptly. The MMRC undertakes its responsibility to prevent workplace harassment seriously.

Safety Policy
Providing a clean, safe and healthy work environment is a goal of the MMRC. No job is considered so important or urgent that volunteers cannot take time to perform their job safely.

Prior to activation of all drills, exercises, public health activities and/or deployments, a volunteer’s supervisor will discuss all the applicable safety and health rules. If a volunteer is unclear about any safety policies and procedures, he/she should ask the MMRC Coordinator and/or area supervisor.

MMRC Volunteers are responsible for their safety and health, which includes using all required safety devices. A volunteer must also notify the MMRC Coordinator of any physical conditions such as drowsiness due to medication, illness or emotional strain, which may affect his/her performance and safety.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy
MMRC is dedicated to a safe, healthy and drug-free work environment. All MMRC volunteers are expected to report to work free from drug and/or alcohol impairment and to remain at work in a condition that enables them to perform their job duties in a safe, efficient, legal and professional manner. Volunteers must abide by the provisions of this policy as a condition of volunteer service.

Violence-Free Environment Policy
To help ensure a safe workplace and to reduce the risk of violence, the MMRC prohibits all persons from carrying a handgun, firearm or weapon of any kind on assignments, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not. 

Media Policy
During MMRC activation, only the Public Information Officer (PIO), as specified through the Incident Command, is authorized to speak with the media. Volunteers of MMRC are instructed to refer the press to the MMRC Coordinator; rather than provide any opinions or information. MMRC volunteers may not represent the unit in the media without coordination with the MRC Coordinator. Doing so may result in disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Policy
Disciplinary action may be initiated to correct inappropriate performance, volunteer-related behavior or behavior which reflects adversely upon the local unit. The degree of disciplinary action shall relate to the gravity of the improper performance or conduct. Suspension or dismissal shall include the involvement of the MMRC Coordinator and the Advisory Board. Any of the following constitute cause for disciplinary actions:

  • Work outside the scope of certification/licensure/job description
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Neglect of duty
  • Dishonesty
  • Possessing, dispensing, under the influence or impaired by alcohol or an illegal substance while on duty, except in accordance with medical authorization
  • Commission or conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor, reflected on the background investigation or committed while an MMRC volunteer
  • Discourteous treatment of the public
  • Willful disobedience of personnel policies, rules and regulations
  • Misuse of MMRC property
  • Seeking to obtain financial, sexual or political benefit from another employee, volunteer, or citizen obtained by the use of force, fear or intimidation
  • Falsifying of records
  • Any other improper conduct or performance that constitutes cause for disciplinary action

Volunteer Dismissal/Resignation Policy
MRC volunteers agree that the MMRC Coordinator in agreement with the Advisory Board may at any time terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the unit based on the preceding disciplinary procedures. The MMRC volunteer may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to sever his/her relationship with the unit. Notice of such a decision should be communicated to the MMRC Coordinator as soon as possible. All equipment and supplies, including ID badges should be returned to the MMRC Coordinator upon dismissal/resignation.


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